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Glasparken i Limmared

I juni 2019 invigdes en ny aktivitetspark i Limmared - Glasparken

2019-08-20 15:02:00

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Sockerlekan i Staffanstorp

Sockerlekan i Staffanstorp. Tillgänglig lekplats med tema Sockerbruk-jordbruksindustri.

2019-06-13 10:08:00

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Vasaparken i Uppsala

En fin och välplanerad,riktigt bra tillgänglighetsanpassad park.

2018-07-12 09:17:00

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Gör skillnad med utomhusgym

Vårt samarbete med The Great Outdoor Gym Company (TGO), handlar om att utarbeta en vision för att aktivera människor och stärka  hälsan. HAGS Fitness drivs av TGO arbetar med hållbarhet  och vill skapa familjevänliga träningsrum utomhus, med hög tillgänglighet för alla. 

Tillgängliga och familjevänliga gym

Det finns så många sätt att du kan göra en verklig skillnad och hjälpa oss att hantera inaktivitet i din omgivning, samtidigt som du värnar miljön. Våra utomhusgym har utformats för att välkomna alla - unga, gamla, inaktiva, aktiva och människor med ett stort antal hälsobehov.

Här är olika vägar där du kan göra skillnad i din omgivning med ett HAGS utomhusgym.

man and woman on a double pull up bar in a park


Green energy   Environmentally conscious   Track activity   Stay connected   Antimicrobial paint   Free classes


woman using outdoor hand bike with phone charging station

2. The goal ends

teenagers playing basketball on a multi-use games area

ARENA goal ends are ideal for enabling users to practice their shooting skills and provide the perfect solution for one-on-one games.

Our range includes goal ends that cater for many ball sports with the ability to customise them to your needs.

View our selection of goal ends

2. You can do your bit for the environment

We have made a commitment to help offset our carbon emission by planting one tree for every gym installed. In the first seven years of the partnership with the UK NHS Forest (2012 to 2019), 3,285 trees were planted; including several larger blocks of new woodland.

Who are NHS Forest?

The UK NHS Forest is a project coordinated by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Funded by charitable trusts and corporate and individual sponsorship, the project’s central aims are to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and communities by increasing access to green spaces on or near to NHS land
  • encourage greater social cohesion between NHS sites and the local communities
  • spark projects that bring together professionals and volunteers to use new and existing woodland for art, food crops, reflection and exercise, and to encourage biodiversity 
  • highlight innovative ideas to encourage the use of gardens and other green space for therapeutic purposes


HAGS future forest

man planting a tree in front of an outdoor gym

How is the plant-a-tree work carried out?

This work is carried out by:

  • planting the NHS Forest
  • setting up Green Health Routes
  • hosting the NHS Forest Conference
  • compiling an evidence base for the impact of nature on health
  • supporting the development of therapeutic gardens in clinical settings
  • supporting workplace wellbeing initiatives using green space
  • partnering with green space and healthcare charities


Visit NHS Forest Website

3. You can track activity & energy at your gym

Our Smart gyms are the only outdoor gyms with in-built measurement tools. Every piece in our unique Power Smart range can be upgraded to include Smart technology. We can apply our Smart gym equipment to new or existing sites.

By using our Smart gyms you get to track activity and energy generation at your gym. This is great for evidencing your success and making the case to funders for additional outdoor gym areas. And, if you promote the HAGS/TGO Activate App, you'll gain further insights into demographics, wellbeing and equipment usage.


energy display unit to view energy generated by outdoor gym equipment

dashboard for outdoor gym owners

What can you do with Smart Gyms?

With our Smart gyms you can:

  • collect unique, quantitative insights on your outdoor gym usage
  • view the number of hits on the TGO Smart Energy equipment at your site
  • see the energy generated in kilowatt hours
  • view your TGO Smart gym data in an easy-to-use online dashboard
  • gain further insights into demographics, activity, wellbeing, popular equipment and more if you promote the free-to-use TGO Activate App to local gym users
  • communicate directly with your gym users via the TGO Activate App, posting details of activities at your TGO gym, then measuring uptake


More information on the TGO Website

4. You can connect with the community

The HAGS/TGO Activate app enables local people to find local TGO Gyms, discover the equipment, track their activity and connect with the community. The app also gives insights to the gym owner, including anonymised demographics, activity and wellbeing data.

Activate App features

  • Find your nearest TGO Gyms - map based & list based
  • Learn about your TGO Gym equipment - cardio, strength, energy, calisthenics and more  
  • Log and track your activity - input your minutes of movement per week to record your progress (aim for 150 minutes of physical activity per week as recommended by WHO)
  • Make your TGO Gym experience more fun - scan QR codes on our equipment to log & track your workouts
  • Connect socially - through sharing posts and events
  • Stay informed - if your TGO Gym is activated by the site owner with activities, classes or events, you can find out what's happening or register via the app

Download Activate App


TGO Activate app to find outdoor gyms


close up of pull up outdoor gym equipment

5. You can stay safe with our antimicrobial paint


The HAGS CoatTM Antimicrobial Technology that is active in our paint finishes destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria and mould on a protected surface, offering users peace of mind that they have another layer of defence for their product.

This Antimicrobial additive comes as standard on all HAGS Fitness products and has been empirically proven to work against bacteria, mould and fungi for the expected lifetime of treated products.

We care for your safety

Working very closely with AkzoNoblel during the development of our powder coating system, our manufacturing facilities have been awarded the prestigious ‘approved applicator’ status to give all our customers additional peace of mind.

We continually test for loss of colour, coating thickness, quality of shot blasting, impact resistance, adhesion, cure profiles and accelerated life expectancy. Painted steel surfaces on HAGS Fitness products can now be protected from microbial growth and degradation.


outdoor screen for free fitness classes

6. You can take part in free fitness classes

Our Virtual Activators are robust, waterproof screens that will democratise classes and the gym experience, providing up to 4,800 gym classes per year.

They will empower communities with the best classes. The exposure to classes will be maximised as they will be on every day for free.

The content created will be tailored to a variety of audiences.